'Shelter 2': Trinity Buoy Wharf, May 2007

The high ceilings and the natural beams in the ceiling reminded me of beams back home in the villages in India where hammocks were made out of saris and were used to provide comfort and shelter to babies. I was also aware of the fact that ships from India and Asia used to pass through TBW and their cargo was mainly spices and tea. So my independent project was to tie saris around the high beams of the ceiling and fill the saris with Indian spices. The spices were placed in the sari and shaped to express the sleeping form of a baby.

'Shelter 1': Trinity Buoy Wharf, May 2007

My concept was to show this journey of beginning with ‘nothing’, to create ‘something’ and to end with ‘nothing’.This is a site specific work done with materials found at the site and with the involvement and particpation of other artists working within the same space.