‘Break Thru’: DVD (04m38s), Oct 2007

‘Slough’ project is about overcoming my anxiety in approaching strangers and engaging them in a conversation. Modern society, especially western urban societies seem to be characterised by a sense of detachment and isolation. I wanted to see the reaction of people when I approached them and study their subsequent behaviour. I approached strangers and tried to engage them in a conversation. The one question I asked was, if they were happy and what would make them happy. It was interesting how different people reacted to me and to the video camera I held in my hands. I had mixed reactions, some walking away, some suspicious, some reluctant, some open and some very friendly! I even managed to hold a conversation in Polish, even though I don’t speak the language!

I projected this video large scale in a small space, so that the viewer could feel a sense of nervousness that I felt, being a bit too close and personal to strangers.