Byam Shaw: DVD (02m13s), Jan 2008

Byam Shaw is a combined project between Central St Martins and Byam Shaw students of Fine Art, curated by Jamie Wagg. My initial reaction to the exhibition space was disappointment! It was after all just a corridor! But having spent an hour standing and watching the space, I became aware of the hurried and rushed traffic passing through the corridor. It became a challenge to create work that could cause a subtle change in the behaviour of people who used the corridor. I wanted to create work that would make people slow down, pause and look at the others. I wanted them to watch others just as I had been watching them.

I installed a CCTV camera at one end of the L-shaped corridor and projected the image of the corridor on the wall, large scale. People entering the corridor at one end could see a black and white image of another corridor and of people coming towards them and this made them pause. This was a successful project and brought up questions about the different effects that an actual and a mediated image, had on the behaviour of people.