The LAB: PROJECT 101, Nov 2011

Project 101
Lab Gallery,
New York
Nov 4th -25th 2011.

By AMBruno
November 4-25th 2011
The London based group of artists, AMBruno, presents an installation of 101 individual film works by 40 artists. All the pieces are silent and of exactly 101 seconds (1′ 41″) duration, these will be screened at The LAB on an array of monitors positioned throughout the space.
Working in various disciplines the members of AMBruno were brought together by ‘their wish to extend beyond their particular discipline, be it painting, photography, video, performance or sculpture’. Initially this exploration focused on the medium of artists’ books; a number of which are now in private and major public collections, including those of the Tate and the Victoria & Albert Museum.
AMBruno‘s commitment to experimentation led the members to take their work beyond the material temporality of the book, into that of the moving image. It was proposed that each member develop a screen work with the single formal constraint of 101 seconds duration; being more than a clip but less than a short.
Twenty-three pieces were shown at The Stanley & Audrey Burton Gallery, University of Leeds in March 2010. The success of this has encouraged the group to expand the project by inviting an open international submission for new works, made to the same time specification. In order to truly represent the formidable variety and quality of proposed pieces 101 works have been selected. These films have been produced with a wide range of technical means, from mobile phones to high-definition video. Forms include animation, live action, sequential stills, written text and computer-generated image.
101 was initiated by Sophie Loss. The project was developed and co-ordinated by Sophie Loss and John McDowall. Additional supervision by Joanna Hill with the help of Judy Goldhill, Claire Deniau and Steve Perfect.
Charlotte Andrews   John Archer   Louise Atkinson   Joseph Cutts   Sara Dell’Onze   Claire Deniau   Manya Donaque   Georgia Elizey and Tim Riley   Warren Garland   Clara Glyn   Tim Goffe   Judy Goldhill   Joanna Greenhill Jane Grisewood   Joanna Hill   Lilian Igbinosun   Ingrid Jenson   Carl Jaycock   Kurt Johannessen  Paul Jones   Sean Kaye and Jenny West   Noe Kidder   Sharon Kivland   Ron Lapid  Philip Lee   Simon Lewandowski   Toby Lloyd  Sophie Loss   John McDowall  Katherine Melancom   Steve Perfect   Veronica Perez Karleson   Christina Reading   Lucy Reynolds   Rekha Sameer   Carl Slater   Chris Taylor   Susan Trangmar   Cally Trench   Helen Wood

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